Baggio Meccanica di precisioneBaggio Mechanical was born in 1999 to Sesto Calende (VA), for initiative of the Mr. Stefano Baggio has picked up the forty year-old experience matured in the sector of the mechanical workmanships of precision, in partnership to applications oleodynamics.

The organization has assembled its own efforts on based technological investments on machineries of numerical control of last generation after the division from the old family firm and with the official start, in the 1987, of child David.

Today the firm, through its organic inside of 12 people qualified, is assembled in the expansion toward new markets Company with Management System certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008of the sector of the workmanships for equipments in pressure employable in oleodynamics and pneumatic systems.

BA.MEC makes its own experience and its own technical resources for the best firms leader of the sector using a business structure prepared on a length of around 1000 m2 in the handicraft zone of Sesto Calende (VA).

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