The BA.MEC srl General Manager defines its own “Business politics” by placing itself in a large setting of the general company strategy and in its market place. The company strategy follows these general guides:

- Satisfy the expectations of the clients even if not express.
- Carry out its own activities to head to obtain true and a long lasting results.
- Give as process result a service that follows the highest qualitative standards.
- Aim to the education and human resources with the purpose to increase the general professional culture and to create a group of efficient job.

- Make sure that the service done is comformed with the regulations, actual rules, and the other requisite internally undersigned.
- To pursue the continuous improvement, directed to the prevention, to the reduction of the environmental impacts and the tied up pollution to its own productive activities.
- To identify, to appraise the environmental effects and of the due risks to accidents, potential accidental facts, situations of emergency.

- Integrity', because' the firm believes in the man it is in his it persuades'.
- Respect , because is important to know how to valorize the differences' and individual persuades.
- Responsibility', because the direction believes in the seriousness of its own behavior and its own actions.
- Opportunity' because it is important to undertake to growth and to always improve.
- A human resource expresses the maximum one some its own potentialities only if inserted in an environment of healthy and sure job, inside which the values the liberties,the individual and the legal prescriptions are respected.